A New Lifestyle

The school life in Frankfurt is a lot different in comparison to my life while going to UofT, and this has to do with how I live. Back in Toronto, I live with my family at home. Here, I live with a roommate in a hotel full of other students from all over the world attending the summer program as well. I also have to be responsible for my lunch and dinner and do my own laundry.

Body of Knowledge at Goethe-Universität

Body of Knowledge at Goethe-Universität

Going to school is different too. Every morning, I get to eat breakfast with my friends, and then head to school together. Unlike the regular school year, I have the same classes every school day.

Learning German is very new as well! It is very hard though, because I feel that it’s so much different to any other language I know. Despite the many differences, I always think in French while learning German. This might be because I’ve become so used to learning French in school. That being said, I love the class, because I’ve got a really good teacher and really cool classmates and I’m learning something new every day.

This experience has given me the opportunity to engage more into the life as a university student and help me develop skills and be independent and responsible.


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