Hallo Deutschland!

Student exchange is a very good opportunity to travel to another country in the world and study. This summer, I am taking a 4-week psychology course at Goethe Universit├Ąt in Frankfurt, Germany. This program is called Frankfurt Summer School, and it also offers Legal Studies and Natural and Life Sciences courses.

I arrived here on July 20th and I have been enjoying it a lot! The school campus is very big and beautiful, with lots of green areas great for hanging out at lunch. I have classes 4 days each week, with the weekends and Wednesdays off. Psychology class is in the morning, and then I have German classes in the afternoon. During the Wednesdays and weekends, we have excursions to visit other cities and go on tours to learn more about the German culture.

I’m very excited to tell you more about my experience here in the following posts!


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