The Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate ladiesphoto2photo 3photophoto4The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous landmark in Bay Area. It connects San Francisco to Sausalito for bikes, walkers and cars. The second famous element to San Francisco is the fog. One of my goals was to fully see the Golden Gate Bridge. I had no control of the fog or the weather so this would just have to be left to luck. It is possible to see the Golden Gate Bridge from UC Berkeley campus, but it is better up close in person.

After my first week of classes I planned to go into the city for dinner on Friday night. I was going with a group of friends from McGill (two of them work in San Francisco for the summer and one is also studying at Berkeley). We went to Fort Mason, which has a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a sunny day in Berkeley but we did not know what the weather in San Francisco was. It was possible it could be few degrees colder, windy and fogged in. However it was sunny and this is when we saw the Golden Gate Bridge backlit by the setting sun. It was breathtaking and a highlight of my week.

We went to Fort Mason to take part in the weekly food truck event called Off the Grid. With over thirty food trucks and food from every continent, we had a wonderful meal. Sampling French street food, dumplings, fish tacos and donuts. There was live music and crowds of people enjoying themselves and the food. We loved being apart of the community sharing in the food and setting.

On Saturday I was meeting cousins back in San Francisco to bike over the Golden Gate Bridge. The saying, “it’s just like riding a bike” was literally how it felt to get on a bike again. It had been years since I rode a bike outdoors, but it is a life skill I have. We rented bikes and started on the adventure over the bridge. Saturday was the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the walk and our ride were following the same route. It was inspirational to see all of the walkers. San Francisco is known for their hills; thankfully we went down more hills than up. I had to keep reminding myself to ride, as the views were sensational. We could see the whole city and the bay area, and the bonus was there was no fog!

From San Francisco across the bridged to Sausalito is around 20 km. In Sausalito we went for lunch at Bar Bocce, named after the bocce ball court on the beach facing the harbor. Sharing pizzas and a game of bocce, we let our legs rest before returning to the bikes and returning back over the Golden Gate Bridge. During the ride back into San Francisco the water and the bridge were glowing gold, a reflection of its name.

Sorry for the lack of photographs, I was more concentrated on the bike riding then the picture taking!







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