The Non-Conclusion

I guess this is my last entry. I guess this is the one where I’m supposed to wrap things up in a deep, comprehensive look back at my experience. I guess I’m then supposed to talk about the priceless lessons I’ve learned and how my life has changed and how I now see the world in a different way, and then I guess I’m supposed to give some words of encouragement for future exchange students and then finish it off with a Tumblr-worthy inspirational quote about travel and life, and experiences and dreams and all those wonderful flowery things. But I don’t want to.

I might just be the biggest buzzkill in the world, but I have my reasons. Apart from the fact that I try to avoid clichés, the main reason I want to skip the typical final-post conventions is that for me, doing so would mean mentally putting a close to this experience.

I still have almost six weeks left to spend here, so I hate the idea of considering this the end. I’ve still got six weeks left of struggling though Spanish conversations. Six weeks of sightseeing in the most culture-rich city I’ve ever laid eyes on. Six more weeks of partying, studying and building friendships with locals and other exchange students from all over the world.

Still, if I were to allow myself a quick glace back over this exchange, my glass-half-empty brain would highlight all of the things I didn’t do. It would remind me of the neighborhoods I haven’t seen, the foods I haven’t tried and the people I haven’t met. Madrid is the kind of city in which there is so much going on that no matter how much you do, you always feel you haven’t done enough.

That’s all okay, because I’ve still got six weeks. Six more weeks that I plan to make the most out of, because I know I’ll never have another experience like this ever again. I don’t want to close the book until I’ve finished writing the story.

Jonny K

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