Nearing the End – Part One

Hej hej!

I imagine at this moment many of my friends back at UofT are practicing some form of extreme studying in preparation for their upcoming exams. I however, am sitting comfortably at my desk, drinking coffee, while enjoying the incoming rays. Since classes are taken sequentially here, I only ever have a maximum of one exam at a certain time. However, some professors choose to forgo the exam altogether, in favour of written assignments and oral presentations. For me, by the time I am finished my studies here in Lund, I will only have written two exams for the entire academic year. Okay, yes, I’m totally bragging right now, but if you want something to feel better about then perhaps you can take solace in the fact that my final course only finishes June 5th. That is, I’m in class for minimum one additional month longer than the average UofT student. Although this may seem like a cruel fate for many of you, I actually don’t mind it. As I have been saying throughout my year of blogging, academic life is way less stressful here. I think the Swedes have a much better balance between work/academics and personal life than what we experience as students back home. Plus, with the extended academic year, this means I get to stay in Sweden longer! I am quite pleased about this because the days are getting longer, brighter, and warmer all the time. The sunlight crept past my curtains around 6am this morning, while last night I was enjoying the sunset around 8pm. After a fairly long and dark winter, it would be disappointing not to experience the Swedish spring and summer.

This past Friday my class had an excursion to the Helsingborg waste treatment facility, which was quite interesting. I had not been to one of these facilities since grade school, and although it can be easy to dismiss such an excursion as unpleasant because of the fact that it deals with wastewater, it really is such an important community service that residents should probably have a basic understanding of. This particular facility is special in regard to their process for separating phosphorous from the water. That is, they use a biological separation process instead of the more common chemical separation process. We finished the tour of the water treatment facility around noon and headed back to Lund by train. Once arriving, a group of us decided to go for a final fika (coffee + treat) before saying goodbye for the Easter holidays (that’s right, I have an entire week off, none of this silly long weekend business). Luckily for me, many of the international students are sticking around Lund and Malmö during this holiday, which means I’ll have some peeps around to plan some hikes with.

Friday night I found myself visiting some friends in Malmö. Although Malmö is much smaller than Toronto (~300,000 residents) it does remind me slightly of home. This is where you see lots of small scale food vendors, cafés that make good coffee (a true rarity), bars that sell cheap(ish) beer, and hipsters with their fixed gear bikes (sorry Salle).

Saturday brought with it some beautiful weather, so a small group of us biked to Lomma, a nearby coastal town. We bought some bread, cheese, and other assorted snacks and then head to the beach. Although it was sunny, the wind kept things a bit on the chilly side. Meaning, coats and scarves were required.

So this is going to be my last post for a while. It is actually suppose to be the final post, but since I’m not finished until June, I’m hoping the CIE will let me fit in one additional blog entry to summarize my final month abroad.

Until then!


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