“What happened last night?” is a question that gets asked quite a bit around here.

First, a disclaimer: I am not prone to debauchery. That being said, I’ve learned over the past few months that going out is not only an inevitable part of the exchange life, but also Spanish life in general. It can be anything from a couple of drinks and tapas with friends one evening to completely wild weekends. I’m usually somewhere in the middle, which is already a big upgrade from my library-camping life back at U of T.

In Spain, things usually start late and end late, and the night-life is the clearest of examples. First of all, it’s considered abnormal here to have dinner any time before 10pm. People then meet up for drinks around 11 or midnight, head out to clubs around 1, and then party till 5 (or later). In Canada, we usually start our nights around 10 and most places shut down around 2:30.

While we might not party as late and as long as Spaniards do, I definitely miss the music scene in Toronto. In Madrid, electro, house, techno, dubstep and everything else that sounds like robots having seizures, is 90% of what you’ll hear in clubs. The pop music that does occasionally come on is usually a little old and the hip hop (which unfortunately almost never gets played) is often much older.

But even with picky musical taste like mine, it’s really easy to have fun on a night out. One of the places I’ve been back to a few times is called Kapital. It’s a HUGE club with 7 floors, each with a different vibe. Also, Kapital and the other big clubs in the city centre are really popular with exchange students and other young people who are in town for the weekend, so they’re good places meet people from different countries.

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There’s so much more worth highlighting, prices, do’s and don’ts, stories, etc, but I’ll just sum it up by saying this: Madrid knows how to party. The night life out here is definitely one of the city’s best experiences and I recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to come by.

Until next time,

Jonny K

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