How’s it going everyone? Semester/midterms going ok? I got a great reply to my most recent blog post – thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it made my day!

Looking back on the past couple of weeks it was hard to think of a coherent theme, so I thought I would post some of my favourite pictures and provide a small explanation for each. This week my journalism class is focusing on photography and photojournalism, so putting up a few slices of life from the semester definitely seems appropriate.

Why you no study enough?

Why you no study enough?

This is a portrait that I call ‘Disapproving Dwight.’ It’s Dwight Eisenhower, former US President, and a former Columbia President as well. His picture is at the top of the stairs leading to the course reserves of Butler Library, where it has been for 15 years. It is almost Mona Lisa-esque the way his gaze seems to follow you up the stairs, as if to say “come on hurry up and start studying.” But no matter how much I come to Butler, it’s never enough for DD. I would take this as an example of synecdoche for the academic culture here, where you get simultaneously inspired and intimidated by the figures and names that literally stare back at you when you have an assignment to do.

IMG_0846Go nuts for Cronuts

The yellow sign top center marks Dominique Ansel’s infamous bakery, home of the cronut. The people in front of me are all in line for said cronuts. This was definitely the most popular location in Soho when I went last Sunday, but I really can’t understand why. Worth the cals? Maybe. worth waiting around for 30 minutes when in NYC on a beautiful day…dubious.

actually 99cents!!

actually 99cents!!

Now THIS is what I’m talking about. What could have been more fitting after a stressful interview than a beyond-cheap slice of fresh pizza (fresh because of the sheer turnover rate)?


I saw this note posted in the Columbia School of Journalism building, where I have my class. No pomp and even less circumstance, an unassuming announcement facilitating the most prestigious journalism award in (arguably) the world. OHH the CSJ is called Pulitzer Hall, I get it now!

Holy Frick!

Holy Frick!

Alright, so it isn’t one of the 30+ museums that Columbia students get into for free, but the 50% off admission still works for me. This is the central part (indoors) of the Frick Collection, a gigantic mansion turned museum, with one of the most comprehensive collections of European Renaissance Art I’ve yet seen. But just as nice as the paintings and bronze sculptures was the ceiling above, the wooden floor below, the elaborate countertops on which priceless vases were perched, and pretty much every fixture in the entire place. Do/did people really live like this – wow.



Signed up online – kind of sketchy – for a pub crawl in the East Village. It was a great area, accented by four cool venues for just $20. Here we are at Coyote Ugly, where a dance on the bar counter could earn you a free shot – not that I would know from personal experience (maybe if we had gone there a bit later in the night??)

halo lalo

halo lalo

My parents came to New York last weekend and I just had to take them to Café Lalo in the Upper West Side. Absolutely charming and open on very generous hours, coming on a weekend is always a risk, but with a high reward. Oh, and it was also featured in the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail!’

Just got back from the Leafs game, which I’ll talk about in my next blog post.

theme: CANADA! Stay tuned

Until next time!



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