Weekend culinary delights

This past weekend, I’ve finally decided to make use of the oven in my apartment. It is apparently very rare for apartments in Paris to have an oven, not to mention the full oven that I currently enjoy much to the envy of my culinary-savvy friends. I am not, by far, an excellent cook. Nor does my cooking expertise lie in the art of baking. However, struck by a moment of whimsy and with a friend who actually knows how to bake, I made quiche lorraine and crepes – which doesn’t use the oven, but let’s include it here to make the list look more impressive.

Quiche Lorraine - pretty good for my first attempt

Quiche Lorraine – I would say it’s pretty good for my first attempt

The result of two hours of mucking about in the kitchen was, in my opinion, surprisingly aesthetically pleasing and tasty. I fully believe there is something in the dairy products here that makes them so delicious. Speaking of dairy products, there is a popular cafe across the street from Sciences Po called cafe Basile that has the most amazing butter on their tartines (which is nothing fancy, just sliced baguettes with butter and jam on top, but very good!).

Crepes! I've mastered the technique of flipping crepes. It is very simple to make, and a lot cheaper than those 4 euros you have to pay outside...

Crepes! I’ve mastered the technique of flipping crepes. It is very simple to make, and so much cheaper than those 4 euros you have to pay to get one at a street stand.

More culinary efforts may follow in the future. Now that I have taken the first step, I might try my hands at making other traditionally French food. Maybe one day the smell of the desserts I have made will finally overcome the tempting smell of freshly baked bread from the boulangerie downstairs.

On another note, next week will be reading week for university students in Paris. Classes are starting to become emptier as the weekend approaches as people fly off to their destination of choice. I have friends who are going to Morocco, Iceland, Sweden – all over Europe. There are just so many places to visit, and only 7 weeks left in the semester! No doubt I should be working on my assignments due after the break, but I will be travelling to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary instead! Photos to come when I return.

Until next time!

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