Never Bored in this City

Second week of classes over, and as much as I want to pretend it’s not happening, work is starting to appear (and denying it only seems to make it worse!). Nevertheless, I get to take a break from readings to give you guys a shout.

The main thing to hit New York – besides the tail-end of the polar vortex – has been the

Superbowl Blvd.

Superbowl Blvd.

Superbowl (am I allowed to legally use its name now?). Times Square had been turned into ‘Superbowl Boulevard,’ and with the Big Game happening just across the Hudson River, people were definitely excited – heck, even I was looking forward to it. But wouldn’t you know it, the game ends up being one of the most lopsided events in history. At least Bruno Mars brought his a-game (as usual), and seeing the Seinfeld commercial filmed at the nearby ‘Tom’s Restaurant,’ was pretty cool.



Just wanted to mention a few places and faces that I was lucky enough to encounter this week –

  1. Boutique Barbershop

highly recommended for any New Yorker on the go
When I get to a new city, I always try to find some hole-in-the-wall spots; if anyone knows
me you might know about my favourite smoothie place at Yonge and Grosvenor ;). This happened when I went to Boutique Barbershop, for the most efficient haircut ever, both time-wise and space-wise. Definitely coming back.




2. The Met

When the weather was good a few of us decided to walk, through Central Park, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We gave ourselves two hours, and I only saw a fraction of what this immense public good has to offer. Definitely coming back here too!


3. Old friends, new meetups

totally unplannedLike I mentioned, I was compelled to come to the States after my exchange at Fudan University. Well it just so happened that one of my friends from the trip is working in Manhattan. We reunited, and went on a great tour in the financial district. And I just so happened to be wearing my shirt from the trip, hehe.





Looking forward to more nights in Butler Library this week, and there are two shows to look forward to as well; if you watch the Daily Show, tune in on Wednesday and listen for a distinctive laugh.

Happy year of the horse, and until next time – Sam


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