Good-bye Glasgow… :'(

Only 2 and a half days left in Glasgow. On Friday I will be writing my final exam (Labour Law) then rushing off to the airport to hop on a plane to Amsterdam. I will spend Friday night in Amsterdam and then Saturday morning I fly out to Shanghai to see my boyfriend!! It’ll be exactly four months to the day since I last saw him when we meet up in Shanghai. I suppose the excitement of seeing him and the stress of exams (I’ve written three so far in the space of a week, eek!) has kept me from really processing that in two sleeps I will be leaving Glasgow, my home for the last four months. While I’m happy to be reunited with my friends and family from Toronto, there are a lot of things I will really miss about Scotland.

The Weather: I have a love hate relationship with Scottish weather. Take today for instance, it’s 12 degrees and only slightly damp. AMAZING for December! Especially when I see all the pictures of snow on my friends Facebook pages However, the sun will set at 3:45pm today, thus I basically live the life of a vampire. Scotland is so far North that we get about 7 hours of sunlight a day.  NOT FUN. I never understood how much I needed sunlight until I came here.

How active it is here: Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been in better shape. Being so close to parks and the highlands means there’s always something to do outdoors. (The temperate weather makes this easy to do even in December!) I hope I can keep this up in Canada, it will be hard without a massive park five minutes away and consistently 10 degree weather…

The Food: I know I’ve said this many times, but I’ve never felt healthier and eaten better. That sounds funny considering most people think pub food when they think the UK. That is so not true.  Its really easy to eat healthily here for cheap.The pub at the end of my street serves affordable vegan food and many of the instant grocery store meals are not only healthy but tasty. Plus, the Scottish know how to do carbs right. The Scones! The pastries! The cakes! I will miss the scones SO MUCH.

The amazing people I’ve met here: 4 months just isn’t enough time to properly integrate yourself into a city. Its only in the last month that I’ve started becoming close friends with people here. It’s sad to go, especially when you can see the potential for such awesome friendships starting to develop. Luckily we live in the internet age and I’ll be able to keep in touch.

Discount airlines: How amazing is it to pop over to Dublin for a weekend for only 30 quid return? (aka 50 Canadian dollars) Canadian’s airline market is ridiculous, its so cheap to fly all over Europe, I will really miss being so mobile.

The Uni: The University of Glasgow has been really good to me. The classes were challenging and useful, not to mention I got to take them in buildings rumoured to be used for the third Harry Potter movie. All the amenities, from the libraries to the cafeterias, have been excellent. Eating on campus is cheap and healthy, the gym is fantastic, the buildings look old on the outside but are new and comfortable on the inside. Its just a great university experience all around.

The City: Glasgow is awesome. And every day I’m here I realize how awesome it is. I could write a separate blog post on all the cafes, teashops, clubs, pubs, shops, restaurants, museums, beauty parlors and even laundromats I’ve found that I love. There are so many things here that I just won’t be able to replace back in Canada (the SCONES!).

European attitude: I find people in Europe to be more laid back. Law school in the UK is less about getting the high paying job and more about learning. This makes for a less stressed out and anxious class (though exam time is the exception, but I suppose that would be the case everywhere). Half the students here don’t even want to be lawyers. They go on to do such varied things with their degree, its really inspiring. I hope I can take this attitude back with me to Canada. I love how much calmer I’ve become. It’s made the learning process fun for the first time in ages rather than a giant task I must conquer.

So good-bye Scotland, I will miss so much about you. I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else in the world to live for the last four months. I will definitely be back to visit!


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