Bye-bye Europe

At this writing, I’m getting ready to pack up my things and say farewell to Europe. I can’t believe that after four months of being abroad, visiting new places and seeing new things, my time here is finally over… It felt like it was never going to end!

I’ve been spending my last few days in Amsterdam with one of the closest friends I’ve met on my journey, and it’s been interesting to see people get revved up for Christmas in another place… I’ve been hearing a lot of the same Christmas carols, seeing a lot of different traditions I’ve never seen, but overall the feeling of Christmas is much the same as it is in Canada. Family, friends, and food!

Although I’ll be so sad to leave Europe (I think it’s called “reverseĀ culture shock”… I might have to get readjusted back into Canadian society!), I must admit I’m getting antsy to be back home with friends and family and enjoy a (hopefully) white Christmas. All I know is that I’ll have a LOT of memories to take back with me.

In the end, the past semester has been an incredible experience – Europe has been everything everyone said it would be, and then some! Four months, countless countries, great food, and amazing people – I’ve been so lucky to have had such a great opportunity spending a semester abroad. By not only visiting a different culture but also living and studying there, I feel like you really get a feel for a place in way that you couldn’t by just vacationing.

In the end, I bid adieu to Europe, for now at least, and look forward to my return to Canada.

Until we meet again!



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