One door closes…

Leaving England was an absolutely gutting experience. I was not ready to leave and what made it harder was the overwhelming kindness shown to me by everyone I had met. My whole residence building put together a book filled with photos of us and lovely messages, all hand written.

My time here went so quickly and even though I am now happy to be home I know a part of my heart remains over the pond. Seeing my friends and family has been amazing as the long time away from them has made me appreciate my loved ones and all they mean to me on a whole new scale.

I feel it is mandatory here that I complain about the Pearson Airport. After the lovely service of Heathrow, Pearson feels especially manky.

I was planning on saying much more here today but words really cant wrap around it; this is the kind of experience that should be had by everybody as it will be unique to everybody.

Good by everyone in England! I will miss you all so much but fear not, I know I shall return.

Happy Travels!

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Hello! My name is Sierra, I am a Theatre and Bio student at UTM who is getting a double degree in teaching. Traveling is one of my many passions next to talking to strangers, embroidery and finding the funny in freaking terrible situations! I hope you enjoy. :)

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