Much Ado About Munich

Munich, Germany, is a city that, while famous for its beer and Oktoberfest celebrations, is so much more than that.
The city itself is gorgeous, and has a very distinct feel to it. Heavily damaged by bombing during World War II, Munich is a city where the past meets the present at every turn. Chic shopping districts are located within steps of buildings that have been around for longer than you could ever even imagine. The old city hall, with its white brick and Gothic architecture, stands adjacent to the new city hall, which, while much more recently built, in many ways looks older. Men in lederhosen drink beer next to tourists taking pictures of their food (that will inevitably end up on Instagram – I can’t say I wasn’t guilty of this) at the world-famous beer hall, the Hofbrauhaus.
One can’t write a blog on Germany without writing about the food – the food in Germany was absolutely delicious, as I’d been told by all my friends who’d visited before. And it was so rich! Meats of every kind, potatoes, stews… and washed down with a beer, mind you – it’s a wonder I finished most of my meals while I was there!
Our last full day in Munich was spent learning about the history that the city (obviously) doesn’t take pride in. A WWII historical walking tour of the city explained much of Hitler’s ties to Munich – how he spent many of his early years there. The day was then finished off with a trip to Dachau, the first of the concentration camps opened in Germany, and the longest-lasting. It was a heavy, heart wrenching day, but nonetheless a moving experience!
After taking in the many sights, sounds, and tastes Munich had to offer with my close friend, we took a two-day excursion to the Alps. The Alps were, as expected, absolutely breathtaking. We took a hike as far up as we could, and found a tunnel dug into the mountains themselves that people could explore… It was really an amazing experience that wasn’t expected in the least!
In short, Munich was an absolutely gorgeous city that had so much to offer. Germany in general was a wonderful experience, and I can see why so many people love it so much!

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