The Perks of Living in England

Hi again!

I hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Canada as it’s not stopped raining here for a week and the trees are still green. Though I missed Thanksgiving at home, I managed to make a makeshift meal with my flatmates.

Fall activities aside, I’ve been busy with school work, but I can’t say I mind too much. All of my courses are proving to be challenging and interesting.

One of the differences between U of T and KCL is that my professors here actually lead the seminars and tutorials, as opposed to graduate students.¬†It’s a bit nerve-wracking, having authors and academics listen intently to what you have to say, but ultimately worth it.

For one of my favourite courses,¬†Shakespeare’s London, I occasionally have my some of my lectures at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Just another perk of studying English Literature in England.

Just another day of class

But even when I don’t have theatre workshops with Globe actors, I feel lucky enough to be at King’s College London – just look at the campus!

Strand campus in central London

Strand campus in central London

Howarts? Nope, just the library.

Hogwarts? Nope, just the library.

As if the architecture wasn’t enough, it turned out that the location for the Inside Out Project in London was right behind my campus. I managed to pop by on my break and take part with my one of my flatmates.


You can spot us in the middle!

With school work and planning trips, these past two weeks have felt like a blur. I would say I hope life slows down a bit, but then it wouldn’t be London.

Until next time,


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