Glasgow Calling…

Hello Outbound exchange blog readers! My name is Emilie and I am a third year law student at the University of Toronto the University of Glasgow! I flew into Scotland four days ago after a crazy 23 hour, 3 flight, 2 six hour layover epic journey. (Word to the wise, the Brussels airport, not the best airport to spend a six hour layover… the only thing going for them is some super comfy couches to pass out on until you get shooshed away by an angry guard speaking Flemish…) But I made it! I’m currently living in an apartment flat style university residence with 3 awesome girls from all over the globe.

International Orientation started on Monday and I’ve yet to learn anything about the University of Glasgow law school, or Scottish law, or even what courses I’m supposed to be taking (not to worry, that all gets sorted next week, classes don’t begin until the 24th of September). However, I have attended a Ceilidh (Scottish dance party with accordions and fiddles), learned a couple interesting things about Scottish culture and taken plenty of photos to document these discoveries.

1. Sunday Dinner: I arrived in Glasgow Saturday night around 9 in the evening so Sunday was my first full day in the city. Nothing was open… except the place to get a European sim card for my phone and the pub. But really, on a Sunday what more do you need? In Scotland every pub does a Sunday roast “with all the trimmings” (Beef wellington, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, various root veggies). For 6 pounds, this was the perfect introduction to my new home.


(Notice the Black pudding and Haggis variations on the menu… amazing!)

2. Scottish Ikea: You know how in Canada you can literally buy everything at Ikea? They’ve taken that to the next level in Europe… Ikea in Scotland sells its own brand of beer… and prawns! Talk about a one stop shop… My flatmates and I were able to furnish our flat AND get grocery shopping out of the way in one trip.


3. Freshers week: (aka Scottish Frosh week) is next week and as an exchange student I am able to sign up. This is not your Grandma’s frosh week, they take it very seriously in Scotland. While it’s been 8 years since I did frosh the first time around (I know, oh dear, I’m so old…) in Scotland it is not just for first years, so I figured why not? It looks like an awesome way to really get integrated into the University of Glasgow culture. Also, the events look amazing… and confusing? (What is a “Very useful Quiz!?”… will update you all next post.)

That’s all for now readers! I’m off to the clubs fair to sign up for the rowing and riding clubs. The clubs take beginners (which is key as I have no experience with either…). Wish me luck!

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