March Showers Bring April Flowers

There is little doubt in my mind that many of you have heard of the “impending war” that North Korea is supposedly preparing to bring to South Korea. On Facebook many of my friends have been sending me well-wishing messages telling me to be careful, to pay attention to the news, or even to get out of the country altogether. Some fellow exchange students from the United States took it upon themselves to do just that and after finally reading some of the news reports that prompted such messages and actions I’ll admit that the situation does seem daunting.

However, here in Seoul it’s pretty hard to be scared as everything seems to be business as usual. Even the Korean friends I’ve talked to seem unfazed and just shrug it off with a sort of “North Korea’s always doing this” attitude. Even from a scholarly standpoint it seems that the odds of North Korea actually trying anything are pretty slim for a number of reasons. Regardless, it’s difficult to get worked up over something that the locals themselves don’t seem too worried by.

But perhaps one of the main reasons why it’s so easy to be dismissive of the situation is the beautiful flowers all around Seoul! Yes my friends, it is spring and thus cherry blossoms are blooming all over Seoul! All one has to do is walk down the street and they can be seen just about anywhere! On top of this there are various flora blooming all over campus making for fantastic photo opportunities! All this mixed with the brisk yet warm spring weather makes for a beautiful and peaceful setting which makes it easy to forget that to the North is a hostile nation supposedly preparing for war (which I’m convinced it isn’t). Anyway check out pictures below!

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