Deutschland: Berlin, Heidelberg & Frankfurt

Well what an incredible German experience this trip was! I had the fortunate opportunity to meet my best friend Constantino, who studied with me in Barcelona during the first six months, in his beautiful country of Germany!

There was no better way I could have imagined touring around Germany rather then having a local who had spent a significant amount of time in each city! We began our adventure by meeting at Berlin Tegel Airport, and from that point on I sat back and let my ‘incredibly knowledgeable’ guide lead me through eras of history, development, and the current economic political powerhouse of Europe. From Berlin Mitte, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Charlottenberg and many Curry Würste, Berlin treated us so well that I am already itching to go back!

From there, we caught a quick German Wings flight from Tegel to Stuttgart where Constantino got us quickly and ‘efficiently’ up to Heidelberg. It was a perfect day touring around Heidelberg before my ‘ Erste WG Party diese nacht’ (first German House Party) with our friends ‘Moritz, Öetinger und Wahrscheiner’. After speaking German all night long, a good rest was needed before we were off to Frankfurt.

We met Constantino’s incredible family in Frankfurt the next day where they showed us around the financial centre of continental Europe and their lives in that incredible city! After a quick view from Maintower and then a visit to Bad Homberg, we settled for a great dinner at ‘Mon Amie Maxie’!

On Top of Main Tower Frankfurt! Flying Home over Lake Geneva and the Alps Ebbelwoi! Römer, Frankfurt ECB European Central Bank Frankfurt Stock Exchange Commerz Bank from Maintower Deutshce Bank World Headquarters Frankfurt Old Opera House Heidelberg Heidelberg From Barcelona to Heidelberg! Berlin Berlin Dom and Fernsehturm Bradenburger Tor DSC02445 Original Berlin Wall War Time Building Brandenburger Tor Berlin Wall inbetween Brandenburger Tor and Reichstag Reichstag Building from Republik Square Reichstag Brandenburger Tor from the Reichstag Reichstag Building Ritter Sport Store! Best Curry Wurst in Berlin! Berliner Dom and History Berliner Dom Only in Germany…. Berlin by Night!

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