Friday Photo: Cheetah Outreach

Rachael and me with cheetah


Cheetah Outreach

The Cheetah Outreach is located in Somerset West outside of Cape Town. They do environmental education and conservation work. One of their projects was training these really cute huge dogs to defend livestock from cheetahs. Cheetahs don’t like to attack anything bigger than they are, so the dogs work as a good defensive measure and helps to prevent farmers from having to shoot the cheetahs. The species is currently now only found in certain parts of Africa. The females are solitary and raise cubs on their own, and the males are more social and form coalitions that run around together. The Cheetah we met was apparently a celebrity, his name was Joseph, and he was apparently in a movie with Patrick Swayze. (Sorry if I spelled his name wrong). To find out more about the project check out their website: Cheetah Outreach.

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