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The University of Brussels has three campuses, Solbosch campus, La Plaine campus and Erasme campus. I’ve had classes in Solbosch and La Plaine but not Erasme, because that’s the medicine and dentistry campus. On the La Plaine campus there are TD parties every weekday Monday to Thursday, that’s the only thing I like there (If you want to read more about a TD party, read my previous post Living in Brussels). The buildings are very old, there are very little signs of where each building is situated and in the evening it is particularly gloomy because the campus is filled with trees, dark buildings and very little lights. I like more the Solbosch campus which is situated 10min away from La Plaine.

My favourite building is building A because it has an old feel to it, the other buildings are either a little worn out (e.g. building H) or are very modern. The faculty of Economy (Solvay) is a very nice and new building. What I like most about the campus is that it is small and cute, and there are lots of cafeterias around campus selling affordable food and where you can sit during lunch time. At U of T we either don’t have any cafeterias for commuters and non-commuters students where you can sit to eat or they are much much smaller than ULB. Also what I think is interesting, is the fact that there is a bank and a travel agency inside the campus. Every time I pass the travel agency, I am thinking and dreaming about traveling…

Building A

On this side of building A  is an inscription that says “Faculté de Droit” (Faculty of Law). On the right of the building there is a big clock tower and almost in front of it there is a statue of a very important person for ULB. 
Building ABuilding A The statue represents Pierre Theodore Verhaegen the founder of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. On Nov. 20th the university is closed to celebrate Saint-Verhaegen (to read more about Saint-V read my previous post Saint-V).

Saint VerhaegenDSCN4401

The other side of the building is the Faculty of Arts (“Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres”). Next to building A is building NB, a white library. Nevertheless, what most people don’t know is that inside building A there is also a “hidden” library, a very beautiful one, much nicer, quieter and better decorated than NB. My archeologist friend told me about it; what a great “archaeologic” discovery. I wonder how long it took him to “search” for such a great library to study in. You don’t need a student card to enter the library, however inside they check sometimes your student card while you are studying.

 Building ADSCN4406

On the other side of the campus there is building Paul Emile Janson (picture below), this is ULB’s version of U of T’s Con Hall if you want. It is built on a hill, therefore from the outside it might seem really small however don’t be fooled by the optic illusion, when you enter you are at the last row of the auditorium and at the bottom is where the professors lecture.

JansonOn the right of Janson there is parking and there are lots of little box-like buildings of different colours. Each of them belongs to a “cercle” (that’s the name they give to a club at the University of Brussels). Each cercle organizes several activities and parties during the year, and in the evening sometimes you can go there and drink beers with the cercle members. (If you want to read more about cercles see my previous post Living in Brussels). The weather was so nice and warm that on the picture below you can see that they moved their couches and their things outside.

The "cercles"

Furthermore, this week was “la brassicole”, an event organized by the cercle La semeur (students from Charleroi and Thudinie) on this parking place. Every day this week from noon until midnight there were activities, music and you could taste a lot of different kinds of beers at a reasonable student price. Below you can see a picture of the tents and how successful the event was. Also at the end of March, the cercle of bioengineers organize “la Vinicole”, a wine tasting and enology course event.

La Brassicole


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  1. Hi!
    I’m studying at the ULB, it was nice to read your blog and, I’m going to spend the next year at the university of Toronto for an exchange. Would you like to tell me a little about U of T?

  2. Hello, I’m happy that you found my blog :)
    University of Toronto is great and you will have lots of fun next year!

  3. Hi! You do such a good job with this blog. I fall in love! I am from Romania, but I want to know what I have to do in order to study here. I’m looking for the second cycles studies. What can I do for it? Oh, yes..I’m here, in my country, first year at the university of languages..I study my language and english. I prettend to do this 3 year here and than if I could, I will apply for this univeristy..Please, if you can, would be so nice to answer me!

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