Friday Photo: Periwinkles

Periwinkles = dinner. 

These guys can be found along the Atlantic Sea Coast in South Africa. They’re apparently fairly easy to harvest and I was lucky enough to be staying with someone who went out and collected some. You need permits to collect them, and they have to be a sufficient size. However, unlike crayfish or They can’t really swim away.

How we cooked them: 

1)Boiled the entire shell
2) Take it out of the shell and cut off the unedible organ-y bits
3) Cut it into tiny tiny pieces
4) Cook it in white wine
5) Add it to rice + thousand dressings sauce

Maybe not the best way to eat it, but it worked out okay. They taste pretty rubbery regardless of what you add them too. However, they’re a great source of protein and apparently there’s a lot of recipes out there that might be better.