Carnaval de Sitges

Well this was one interesting adventure! Carnaval 2013 in Europe! We were told that there are three places in Europe that you must be during Carnaval and they rank as follows; #1.) Venezia, Italia #2.) Köln, Deutschland #3.) Sitges, España.

Fortunate for us we were only a 30 minute train ride away from Sitges! After getting all dressed up and jumping on the train from Barcelona, we made our way to this beach side town for one of the most incredible adventures (Halloween during February) that I have ever experienced!

Here is a little bit about the trip!

The Carnival

For over a century, Sitges has been celebrating nonstop — between the months of February and March, according to the liturgical calendar — Carnestoltes, or Carnival.

The festivities begin on Dijous Gras, or Fat Thursday, with the arribo, King Carnestoltes’ spectacular arrival. From the moment this character appears until the burial of the sardine — late afternoon on Ash Wednesday — you could well say that life in Sitges moves to a new beat.

Folk dances and xatonades (traditional local salad served with assorted omelets) are also characteristic carnival elements. The two most important moments are the Rua de la Disbauxa, or the Debauchery Parade, on Sunday night and the Rua de l’Extermini, or Extermination Parade, on Tuesday night. Some forty-odd floats with more than 2,000 participants fill Sitges.SDC12219 SDC12220 SDC12221 SDC12237 SDC12246 SDC12251

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