Shalom Shalom!

Shalom Shalom!! [Hello in Hebrew (lit.Peace)]

Entrance gate to HUJ at night

Entrance gate to HUJ at night

So why did I pick Israel? Well…Thanks to CIE and to Canadian Friends of Hebrew University I was here last summer on a scholarship at this same University (HUJ). It was my experience in the summer that really got my exchange bug going and where I saw what a special place Israel and the city of Jerusalem are!I’d say I’ve done my fair share of travelling… I’ve been to many of the world’s major capitals New York, London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Brussels and I’ve travelled through most of Eastern Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe and last year, BAM!! I landed here in Israel!EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE!!! It was like someone slapped me with a gigantic pita to wake me up and open my eyes…and yes, they were opened and hence I am back here for a 6 month semester.

A lot of IR students, myself previously included, want to study Europe, live in Europe, work in Europe, and wish to do many other things in Europe… we basically breath Europe. Europe after all was the main centre in which the fields of International Relations and Diplomacy developed, and where some of the world’s greatest statesmen practiced this craft.

Jerusalem- Centre of the World

Jerusalem- Centre of the World

Yet, last year when I was here I could not think of a better place to truly explore and study IR. Jerusalem is, after all, the junction of the three world’s major religions, and a place that has been desired, won and lost by many over the centuries. There is within its streets an infusion of its local cultures and traditions blended in with its Mediterranean and European influence of past and present. People from all around the world live in and visit this city. Moreover, what occurs in Jerusalem, where the seat of the Israeli government is, influences the whole Middle East region, and this in turn concerns the whole world… Talk about International Relations!

Also did I mention the food is delicious?! Keep in mind though, if you are allergic to chickpeas you may want to reconsider your exchange location. Furthermore, for us Canadians the Israeli winter is but a mere tickle!

I am not trying to sell you on the idea of coming here, but you have to admit it sounds like a pretty solid exchange location. Then again, maybe I did just sell you on it which is awesome! But, if you’re still unsure about going on exchange, either here to Hebrew University of Jerusalem, or elsewhere, you can just read my blog and hopefully I’ll be able to share with you some of the adventures and escapades I’ll experience while I’m on exchange…and by then you’ll be sold on going abroad! Yet, the CIE deadline to apply will have expired…so why not just apply now?

Thank you for reading!

Lihtraot! (Hebrew for “See you!”)



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