A new semester means a new beginning

The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings” (Dave Weinbaum).

At the beginning of the semester I had to choose my courses and deal with a lot of unknown and complicated situation. I was in such a perplex situation that I was thinking of maybe shortening my full year student exchange to 1 semester. However, with some wise advice, confidence and courage I decided to see how my semester was going to be before making any rush decisions. Now that a few months have passed, I truly feel blessed to be here in Belgium, not only because I learned so many new things at ULB but also because I’ve met so many great, intelligent and inspiring people from so many different countries that genuinely made my 1st semester unforgettable.

A new semester is beginning very soon and I have to choose new courses and organize my schedule again. I am thinking of doing a psychology research course this semester, it is a small risk (or “opportunity” like my Swiss friend would say) that I am taking because I am not in psychology (btw I’m in neuroscience!) and I am not very familiar with all the methods and rules in psych at ULB. Nevertheless, I hope I will gain a little bit of experience in the field of research and it will give me the opportunity to see if I like do to research in the future.

I have this bittersweet feeling inside of me; on one hand I am really excited about the new trips that I am going to have and new people that I am going to meet in the future. The Erasmus group at ULB is organizing several activities one week before school starts, called “Introduction Week”. I am looking forward to it especially because I didn’t participate to it in September. However, I am also a little sad not only because the start of the 2nd semester means that my exchange is halfway over, but also because some of my friends are leaving to their home university for the 2nd semester.

If you are reading this blog, please be assured that your departure might seem like the ending yet for me it’s only the beginning; the beginning to a great friendship. Come and visit us in Brussels while we are here (mi casa es su casa) and I will also try to come and see you in your country. Also don’t hesitate to visit me in Toronto; it would make me really happy to see you. Thank you for all the great adventures and trips we had together. I believe that people you are meant to meet will touch your lives in such a deep way that they will never be forgotten and that their paths are destined to cross again. Therefore, I am looking forward seeing you in the future and keeping in contact.

Thank you…

For being who you are, talking together, laughing together and making some great memories together. Thank you all Erasmus students!

For laughing and being with me in a class, which was interesting yet a little too Freudian for our taste.You are also the most courageous Erasmus student I met, you had so many courses and work, yet you always had a smile on your face. I will miss our Freudian jokes and your positive attitude.

For being one of the first people I met in Brussels. We lost touch for a little while, yet we rekindled our bond in your beautiful city in Paris. I will miss your humor, extrovert personality and the way your face lights up when you talk about archeology or Versailles.

For participating in so many Erasmus Express activities, I could always count on you and find a friend in any activity. I will miss your openness and your umbrella when I forgot mine (oohh Liège…). And don’t break your teeth opening to many beer bottles in Poland!

For being a passionate architect. I will miss you and your knowledge about architecture, whom should I ask now if I have a question? Please come and visit me in Toronto, I will show you our quirky peacock Robarts library.

For organizing a Canadian dinner, without it I wouldn’t have met so many people and most importantly you. I will miss your acrobatic skills and your blue eyes, which are always full of joy.

For being such an amazing polyglot and always making me laugh in German or Luxembourgish. I am happy that you are staying one more month in Brussels and I hope that we will make lots of memories before you leave for warm and sunny Portugal. There are lots of things that I will miss about you.

For being the cutes Asian, Taiwanese (not Chinese!) girl. I will miss you tactful attitude, smile and always ready to participate in any activity. Our trip in Paris was great and I will keep great memories of it. You are a great traveler!

For always bringing your ukulele to any event, thus not only making people sing but also to make them cheerful. I wish you all the best in Taiwan and I hope everything is going to go well when you start the army.

For being such as friendly Italian. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen each other a lot, however you are lovely person and I hope we will meet again. Grazie, for the few days we have seen each other and I will for sure try to watch a few Tarantino movies!

“You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.” (Tom Petty). 




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