Liverpool & Manchester

This was our Football Weekend! Martín and I decided back in November that we were going to head to England to catch a football match and that through rain or shine, we were going to pull it off. Well…we got what we asked for, a snowy record breaking weekend it was in Liverpool and Manchester for the two guys arriving on Ryanair from sunny Barcelona! But things worked out and we had a great time laughing with the Brits and enjoying a few pints before enjoying the football magic of England!

We had a great start as we landed late evening at John Lennon International Airport in Liverpool. We caught our first double decker bus heading to central Liverpool and the Albert Docks where we fortunately got the “Penthouse Suite” overlooking the docks and Liverpool. Of course on night one, we headed out for our “cultural experiences” in Liverpool and met a great guy named Dave from Dublin who showed us around the town. We began the evening at ‘The Liverpool’ with some ‘incredibly good’ Tom Jones karaoke before heading out to the local Irish Pubs in the clubbing district and meeting what seemed like all of Dave’s friends along the way. After a few pints of Guinness and surprisingly Coor’s Light as well, we made our way back home for an early wakeup for the Anfield Tour.

And boy was it an early wake up indeed trying to get ourselves to Anfield for our 9:20am tour. But it was worth it. We got the match-day tour of the infamous Anfield Road and The Kop section, renown for the best Football songs in the league. Then it was an English Breakfast for Martín some coffee and ‘Toasties’ for me before heading off with the crowds to the local British Pub to ‘warm ourselves up’ before the game. There we found our favourite machine playing Monopoly, Jewel Buster and British Pub quizzes before cashing out with a grand total of 2 Pounds! But we finally got into the game in time for the famous “You Will Never Walk Alone” sung by the entire stadium and then all the best Football songs for the entire 90+minute match. A whopping 5-0 slaughtering given by Liverpool FC against Norwich made the game even more exciting to watch as every goal was joined by more screams and songs! Then it was off for the evening where we were introduced to “Pub Golf” from some interesting british characters!

The next day was Manchester! We had a great tour of Old Trafford and saw the locker room of the Manchester United team as they were out in London playing against Tottenham that evening. But with Tony as our guide, we had a great time enjoying his stories about how ‘Liverpool has no need for long corridors because they have no Premier League Trophies to display’! But after a good dinner and a train ride home to Liverpool we decided to pay one more visit out that evening on the town!

The last day was spent touring around snowy Liverpool as we watched the BBC tell us that airports around the UK were shutting down because of weather concerns. Fortunately, Ryanair got us out safe and sound and we had a smooth ride back to sunny Barcelona where we were greeted by the Spanish Sunshine that we both missed!

All in all, great weekend with great Football and ‘British’ memories!

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