Cape Town Festival of Beer & Surfing

Beer festivals are quickly becoming one of my favourite parts of summer, and frankly are just a ton of fun. I got to go to the Cape Town Festival of Beer with a couple of my roommates and some friends. We had a great time and the festival was packed. It’s a two day event that goes over a whole weekend in November. There are over 150 different types of beer to try, many of which were South African breweries. They had food, free glasses, and every booth had free taste tests.

Trying 150 different beers in an afternoon? Challenge accepted.

Favourite South African Beer:  Darling Bone Crusher

Check out their beers at Darlingbrew. I love their bottles just about as much as I love the beer. It runs a little more expensive then Black Label or Castle which are a lot more common and generally run R7-9 at the beer store. However, Darling makes a great variety of beers and are worth trying if you get a chance.



The beerlympics involved beer pong, keg lift, tapping, and darts. I thought about playing, but lifting kegs and carrying them around? Not my strong suit. ( My smile is that big, because I’m trying really hard not to drop the keg and destroy my feet….soo heavy)








So I tried out surfing for the first time in Muizenberg! The beach there is basically lined with surf shops and so you can sort of have your pick of where to get lessons from. I headed out there without too many expectations. I wanted to get up on a wave, and hopefully not drown or get eaten by sharks. Muizenberg actually has quite a large number of sharks come through every year (note: I kinda feel like any sharks is too many or quite a large number so I might be biased)

Lesson went super well! Went to the surf shack for it, cost about R150 and luckily no one else showed up so it was just me and an instructor. However, disaster struck about an hour and a half in and I got stung by a blue bottle, these little devils are also called Portuguese man o’ war. They are poisonous but not lethal. They hurt a lot more than a bee bite, and less than breaking your arm. They recommend you leave it in salt water or warm water, and peeing on it apparently does help though I didn’t try it. The surf shack had medicated cream for it. The poison makes your armpits hurt as well because it causes your lymph nodes to swell. I don’t recommend you try it.


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