time flies when you’re having fun

wow, can you believe it?

I don’t even want to say it, but this is the last blog post.
where does the time even go?

I think the university knew this would happen…maybe that’s why on the orientation guides we were given at the start of the year the cover page had a clock with wings on it and the phrase ‘time flies when you’re having fun’.

it does fly. it absolutely flew by.

but before I tell you that you absolutely have to go on exchange, let me tell you about two things I found out are going on next semester which I thought sounded like a lot of fun (and both of which are happening through the charities campaign):

race2prague and jailbreak!

the premise for race2prague is this: in teams of 2 or 3, students have to race to reach prague first.

yes, like in the amazing race.

they can spend NO money on transport getting there.

since the start of the year people have been actively raising money…and getting ready to win!

jailbreak: I dont know who started the idea or how long its been around, but basically, students have 36 hours to get as far from st. andrews as possible…and last year the winner got to austria.

oh hold on, you thought it was just how far someone can go in that many hours? no no. its how far someone can go in that many hours without spending a cent.

ah. things just got a lot more interesting…

its just another way of showing you that st. andrew’s is like nowhere else. there are so many great things going on all the time, and you can get involved in so much!

but its not about one place over another, because I hope you have taken my posts as fun examples of the types of things you can see and experience if you decide to make the leap to go abroad too.

see the thing is, when you go abroad, you open yourself up to a million new experiences and adventures, and everything becomes a learning opportunity.

so let me say this: the way you grow when you’re abroad, the way you learn, and open up to new perspectives, and the amount of new experiences you expose yourself to is just amazing. I truly don’t know of any other place/or programme/or experience where
you are just pushed head-first into so many wonderful and different things–and they are all formative and important and wonderful and great.

I think you’d be at a loss for not even trying to see what you could do.

so go ahead, and start on your adventures. and make sure you blog and tell us all about them!

and I think you too will be amazed at how fast the time will fly.

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