Two Canadian Bloggers

Two Canadian Bloggers

Simon and I mugging for the camera.

These days blogs about South Korea are popping up all over the place and many deal with food, travel and especially K-pop (Korean pop music). Among these blogs, one which covers all previously mentioned facets of the Korean experience stands above all others and is produced by Torontonians! The blog I am referring to is of course Eat Your Kimchi which some of you may know already and some of you may even be avid fans of. The brains behind Eat Your Kimchi are a Torontonian couple named Simon and Martina who are also U of T alumni, and they blog about all sorts of interesting South Korean things. Since they started blogging a few years back as English teachers in South Korea they have since become significant ‘weblebraties’ and fans of their videos can be counted among famous Korean celebs.

Here’s me enjoying some burritos with Eat Your Kimchi’s Simon and Martina, they were pretty darn delicious! …the burritos I mean.

Inspired by their story I once went to a Q&A they held at the University of Toronto to find out the secret to their success, turned out the secrets was blogging consistently… who knew!? Anyway, in a wonderful turn of events, while drinking with a few friends in Itaewon, a part of Seoul which is well known as a hub for foreigners, I ran into Simon and then Martina by pure chance! They were looking for a place to grab dinner with another English-teaching friend of theirs and upon seeing them I began chatting them up. I asked them if we could join them in their search for food and they happily agreed. In the end, we – my two Korean friends, one Taiwanese friend, Simon, Martina, their buddy and I all ate burritos together and talked about what we missed about Toronto.

Suffice it to say, they were super nice and it was a very pleasant experience. I was worried that their recently acquired fame may have rendered them conceited but in actuality they were super cool. It was also really fun to witness scores of foreigners, presumably fans of their blogs and videos, walking up to them and giving them praise, I felt like I was hanging out with genuine celebs. . . which I pretty much was.

Bloggers assemble!

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