Christmas is coming to town.

the town has been decorated and the lights have been lit, and its all feeling very magical with so many festive things to do!

to start things off, we’ve had a vintage Christmas fair, where one of the prettiest buildings (younger hall) was converted into the coolest Christmas market, with lots of beautiful things to look at and buy– there were clothes, and shoes, and hats, and glasses, and jewelry and purses and just about anything you can think of…with Christmas music filling the air as you hopped from table to table taking everything in there was to see.

throughout the last few weeks all the sports teams, clubs and societies have been meeting up to have end-of-term Christmas dinners too, all with really different but equally creative themes… some dinners were just meant to be black tie, others required everyone to dress up in half black tie, half sport kit…so lots of times you ended up seeing people filling restaurants wearing their jerseys and kilts…or long gowns and running shoes…or tuxedos and helmets

and all the halls had Christmas parties too!

one even had a santa visit with a bag of gifts after dinner–a gift for everyone in hall!

and all anyone had to do was sit on santa’s lap and tell him what they wanted, and they got to rummage through his bag and pick out a gift!

they were all wrapped so you couldn’t see what you’d get…but once opened, the most random things came out!

some people got chocolates, others cookies, others got packs of plastic forks, others a jar of mustard, others a bottle of water, others a bottle of wine, others a towel, others a laundry bag (jealous, that one is actually really useful), others a book, others a can of peas, others toothpicks, others spices…it was just SO funny to watch people unwrap their gifts!

I talked to the hall committee that was running the event afterwards and they said that they had the absolute best time shopping for all the gifts, because they got to go to the supermarket and literally, everything that looked funny, random, or intersting, they would just drop into the cart…and you could tell they’d had fun with the mix of things they ended up getting… someone even got a meat tenderizer!

but don’t worry, it hasn’t all been eating and gift-giving…we’ve had a wonderful Christmas ball too!

and it was exactly as magical as you’d imagine a Christmas ball to be.

it was organized by the Mermaids which is one of the university’s biggest groups, and it was held in an old converted barn that is used for big events, so there we all were, in the warmest, most beautiful barn in the middle of the country, dancing the night away, with every table, beam and wall decorated with holly and ivy, and mistletoe and candles and as if it all wasn’t enough, there was ice cream too!

and halfway through the night someone said look outside…and it was snowing!! the first snowfall of the year!

what a magical night.

and if you really, really think it couldn’t get more wonderfully festive than all that…we had the most beautiful university Christmas carol service on friday with the St. Salvator’s choir singing and the chaplain giving a really funny (and heartfelt!) sermon.

and speaking of songs… the other day I was listening to some friends talking about the st andrews boys group I showed you last time–the other guys, remember?–and they were saying how they’d released their new Christmas song, so one friend told the other, oh yeah, its really good, they’re at number three on the charts…and the other person said, oh thats great! number three in st. andrews! noo, said the other…number three on amazon!

exactly. whattttttttttttttt?

see for yourself what you think of it: its called Christmas Gets Worse Every Year (but its actually a nice song!)

so here we are, covered in the festive spirit, with lots to keep us warm and cozy…

just think of all the incredibly wonderful and magical things you might be doing this time next year if you decide to go on exchange…

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