Last Tuesday (Nov. 20th) was Saint-Verhaegen, or also called Saint-V and there was no class because this is the day ULB (University of Brussels; Université Libre de Bruxelles) celebrates the founder of the university Théodore Verhaegen. The entire day, there are festivities in the city and the clubs (or cercles like they call them here) wear their hats (called penne), rope and using a big decorated truck they drive from the university to the centre. Below is a picture of their special hat and an explanation of a cercle in my ULB agenda.

At 12:30 p.m. there was at the Town Center “Verre de l’amitié” (English: drink of friendship), which was organised by the mayor Freddy Thielemans. They served free beer, juice and also free brioche sandwiches with “poulet curry” (chicken with curry) and “americain préparé” (steak tartar) (both are Belgian specialities). It was awesome to see young students with their hats and old people wearing their old hats celebrating together. It was particularly funny to see grownups with suits wearing their old hats.

Then we decided to go see the Mannekin Pis with his ULB costume. At one point instead of urinating vertically he urinated horizontally and sprayed on purpose a lot of people. Moreover, they also served free fruity beer, however you had to have your own cup with you. Thus a lot of people brought their cups and some even brought kitchen measuring cups or put a string on their cup to hang on their neck. Then we saw all the trucks and cercles from the university, there was music and for 10 Euros you could get unlimited beer from the back of their truck for the entire day. Sometimes they even used very unsual ways to serve beer like for example a watering can (see picture below).

I think Belgium is the only country where people are running behind trucks to get beer in the middle of the afternoon and it seems totally normal. Belgians are not only friendly but they also have a sense of humour and are not afraid to have a good time. I personally love Brussels, its people, its beer and all its craziness that comes with it…

Dog driving a car (?!?)

Musician that randomly plays accordion for money on the middle of the street in my neighbourhood.

Kisses from Brussels – the city where there is never a dull moment



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