quintessentially st andrews.

they call st andrews the bubble…and to be fair, there are a lot of quintessentially st andrean things that help promulgate the idea

there are student newspapers, websites, facebook groups, student societies, st andrews radio…even a tv channel that all help to re-affirm the idea of the bubble. and now you’ll be introduced to some, so put your books aside, because this is going to absorb you for quite a while…you’ll see.

of all of the things that will be listed, this has to be one of the best: ‘overheard st andrews’. basically it’s a facebook group where people post funny/random things they heard/saw on the street, in class, in halls…anywhere around town.
usually it’s students who post…but even the taxi drivers get into it sometimes…go ahead, search it.

remember the student debating society? well, bubble tv (itself a student run organization) made a video about it, http://bubble-tv.com/culture/
watch and get a better idea of what the society is like. also, search around the rest of the videos– they’re all really good!

and for those who like to read, why not try the student newspaper? yes, quite right, there’s more than one…but this is the biggest one:

you know the best thing about all of these? people do read the newspaper articles, and post on the discussions, and talk about the issues
raised at meals…so it’s not a typical student initiative where no one participates…the students really do get involved here. and not just in regards to the newspaper– in literally everything.

want proof? well, one of the music clubs is an all-boys group called ‘the other guys’– and they’ve got quite a following. especially because of this video that they made which pretty much everyone now knows…

amazing right?

i told you, the creativity is just in the water.

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