St Andrew’s passtimes.

currently we are all covered under mounds of work; it seems you can’t have a proper conversation without some mention of deadlines or word counts. but it doesn’t seem to stop anyone from having fun. so in the spirit of things to do when you’re not in the library or stuck in a book, here is a post dedicated to two big ways of passing the time at St Andrew’s: sports and balls.


there are literally a million sports teams at st andrew’s, ranging from contact sports to leisure pursuits. at the beginning of the semester there is always a sports fayre (english spelling) where you can go and meet the committees behind every team, and they all have give-it-a-go sessions during the first few weeks of school. During these sessions you can just go and try something out, even if it’s your first time around and you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

case and point: me at fencing. I always wanted to try it out and it turns out the team is super nice! (except to be honest… that scene in the parent trap makes it look a lot more fun…)

and apart from practices and games, all the teams put on weekly socials. then, a couple of times a semester, all the sports teams have big socials together– and let me tell you about the last one we had:

the student union was rented out and everyone invited. on one condition: you had to go in your sport kit (aka, your team gear). which is lovely and fine if you’re a football (soccer) player, and even better if you’re a cheerleader…but no excuses for shy water polo players or surfers… rules are rules, and they had to be followed. so as soon as you walked in, there was everyone: a big mix of snowboarders in their jackets, rugby players in their shorts, rowers in spandex, kayakers with their life jackets, runners with their shoes, polo players in their boots, boxers with their gloves…

all in all a night not to be missed. well, for some, a morning not to be missed either. people were still running around at 7 in their sport kit… going to class I’m sure…

well, perhaps sports are not your thing…and you prefer something a little bit more dressed up… don’t worry, St Andrew’s is famous for its dances…that is, for its balls

yes, as the school year is beginning and the admissions office sends you their last reminders, they don’t just tell you about move-in dates and driving directions, they remind you to pack for balls, because there will always be an occassion to celebrate.

some balls are traditional and just beautiful: opening ball, Christmas ball                      some are for charity: bongo ball (to raise money for African relief)                                  and some are just purely St Andrews: welly ball

I know, what is welly ball? it turns out it’s a really original idea: the claypigeon (that’s the shooting team) has a tournament that day–a shooting challenge–where they compete against other Scottish teams. then, at night, they get joined by all the students, and everyone has a big dinner and a dance out in the country.

where they have to wear black tie. and, of course, their wellies.


So you see, there is no end to the creativity floating around St Andrew’s, so no matter who you’re with, or what you’re doing, you’ll always be having fun.

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