what to eat at st andrews…

well there are SO many options. because to do all the things you’ll want to be doing here, you have to fuel up!

scotland is known for its fish, and of course haggis…and st andrews is known for having lots of experiment test kitchens.

oh, wait, you thought i meant that there was some kind of culinary institute here…no no. what i mean is, with all the students and with all of the crazy ideas/no money to spare/too lazy to run to the grocery store factors, you end up hearing about lots of weird dishes being invented. that and sometimes you just don’t have all of the equipment necessary to make things. i walked into the kitchen the other day and my friend mary was stirring her pasta with her scissors. she claimed she didn’t have any other utensils…

but out of all the lovely restaurants and cafes and bakeries perhaps the most quintessentially st andrean food experience is the toasty bar.

every friday (and friday only) the toasty bar is open at night. it is one of the last places to stay open and everyone heads out there after being out.

so how do you find out about the toasty bar? well, the classic way.

someone is made to wear a sandwich sign and stand outside the student union (which is in the center of town) advertising “toasties, 50 p!”

and of course, you end up listening.

either because it’s so inexpensive–only 75 cents!–or well, because the person saying it is dressed as a sandwich.

it’s called the toasty bar but it’s not really a bar, it’s actually just the backroom of a church that has a little kitchen (well, the term ‘kitchen’ here is actually quite generous…it’s more of a place where they happen to prepare food…it’s actually a little gross…) but the true genius of the toasty bar is that you can literally get anything in your toasty! you can get something plain: just cheese. traditional: ham and cheese. italian: tomato, cheese, pesto. something sweet: mars bar and nutella.

or you know, mix it up: mars bar, ham, cheese, pesto, tomato, nutella.

you’d be surprised how many people ask for those ones…

(to be fair, student rationale wise its a) best value for money, b) not like you’re really exercising high culinary standards at university anyways, ditto at 2 am, c) it can actually be quite yummy. they claim.)

but lets say you want to try your hand at something else ‘st andrews’ and have a taste of the student experience…then you can make what they call “st andrews mess”:

all you need is:

-whipped cream, pieces of meringue, strawberries/blueberries/raspberries                        -a spoon & bowl

to make:

-just mix up!

see. i know what you’re thinking. after a pesto, ham, cheese, tomato, nutella, and mars bar toasty, st andrews mess just doesn’t even seem that good.

so go ahead, and make a toasty too!

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