magic moments.

Now that you’re well acquainted with the idea of going abroad and what st. andrew’s is like, I want to show you how wonderful being on exchange can be.

Case and point: wednesday night, 8 pm

walking back from the library it wasn’t too cold outside…no wind, no rain…actually nice weather. an especially strange fact given that its really started to get cold here lately. and as i’m walking i’m thinking hm…if there was one night to do the may dip and jump into the north sea it would definitely be this one… so i run into my room drop off my stuff and knock on my friends door:

“hey, you know how we always said we wanted to go into the sea? tonight is the perfect night.”

(perhaps at any other place in the world with any other people the response would of been HA! swim in the north sea. in october. FUNNY.)   but we’re here on exchange. you have to live it up.

“ok. let me get my stuff.”

“wait actually? whoah ok…um, alright, 5 minutes. get your stuff. bring towels.”

(five minutes later)

“i’ve sent out a facebook message. three more people are coming.”

“oh my gosh are we actually doing this? this is crazy.”

“wait…why are you bringing your gown?”

“…for after we go in. its warm.”

“(…) right. ok, lets go and see if more people want to come”

so we go and scout out more people: “hey, we’re going in the sea, tonight’s the perfect night. wanna come?” (one boy was literally talking to his mom on skype when we came to ask, and he goes, “hey mom? yeah, sorry, i’m going to have to leave you now, i’m going into the sea.”)

twenty minutes later and we’re at the beach screaming as we’re running into the water…head under. full dip.

oh my gosh it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

and then, in the middle of drying off someone goes, “hold on… what time was the wine and cheese tonight?” (we’d forgotten there was a wine and cheese party that had been organized so students could meet with and talk to a number of professors.)

and so there we were, end of the night, sitting on the couches, laughing, talking and telling stories with our friends all around us, some people eating cheese, some just trying out the wine, the professors mixed about the room, absorbed in pockets of conversation.

who knew that in the span of about half an hour you can see the same boy in his swimsuit and boat shoes, running beside you into the north sea, and the next hes talking to his professor, shirt, tie and jacket, drinking wine and chatting as if nothing had happened.

hair still dripping from the sea.

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