twenty days in:

alright, i’ve been at st. andrews for about twenty days and i know, you want me to sum it up…

but it’s pretty much impossible to put into words how much fun st andrews is!

there is SO much going on all the time, and you can dip in and out of clubs and societies and try them all out and get involved in anything…and i mean annnnyything. they have a pokemon club. and there is also a harry potter and gin club. everyone claims they don’t know how the two got put together…but there it is and it’s official. honestly there are a million things to do, and everything is so original and fun and the people are SO MUCH FUN!!

sample listing of some of the clubs they have:

-baking, fine chocolate, fine food and dining (they have chefs from local restaurants come in and give you lessons), barbeque, craft (different activity every week, this sunday it’s fabric painting), ethnic and interpretive dance, fly fishing (they go on lots of trips throughout scotland), knitting (their website is really fun:, teddy bear hospital (not sure what they do), vegan & vegetarian, wargaming and roleplaying (…), come dine with me, swing dance and more and more and more

and you might have heard in their publications and brochures that ‘st andrews is a small, but friendly town’… it is SO friendly! you can honestly strike up a conversation with anyone. usually most conversations the first week went something like this:

hi, i’m veronica, what’s your name? (extending hand)

hey, alex, nice to meet you. (shakes hand) (ps. i use the name alex because if it’s a boy, there is a 68% chance their name will be either alex or james. not actually…but actually.)

where are you from? (this is usually for when you notice an accent, but it actually applies to everyone as about 10% of the students are scottish. and if they are scottish then they’re bound to be from another city. i’ve only heard of one st.andrean studying at st andrews)

i’m from (–insert country–).

oh, very cool! (if connection is established, state it here eg. i was just there last fall!, if no connection revert to the reliable, oh i’ve never been there but i hear it’s really beautiful, especially in (insert season/city/festival or special event)

(this leads to further conversation, and thus, friendship is established. easy)

and here are some of the things i’ve been doing so far:

i went to a charity sandcastle building competition on the beach (there are two beaches here), danced at the headphone disco (this is the bomb: it’s a room full of people, everyone dancing with wireless headphones on, while two djs play music, and if you don’t like what one plays, you just switch the channel. the room is actually silent even though everyone is going crazy dancing…so much fun!!!), tried out fencing, watched one of the student debates (st. andrew’s has the oldest university debating society in the world, and they have tons of really fun traditions), joined the university polo team, won a pineapple in a pub quiz, went to our in-hall cocktail party (black tie in scotland=kilts!), got freshers flu (which should be considered an official requirement for matriculation because everyone gets it and its like you’re not fully inducted unless you’ve passed it) and a million things more.

the thing is, everything is so open and if you just try things out it always leads to something else really great. For example, the other day i saw the clay pigeon club had a ‘freshers taster session’– so i went to try it out. and now i’m going to be competing against other universities…what? exactly.

now i know all of this is happening here in st. andrews and it’s a blast, but the point of this blog is not for you to read and it say oh i want to go to st andrews!!! its more that you start to think, hey, all of this is going on in the world and it sounds like fun…maybe i could go too. and the same way this is happening here and it’s great, you’ll see from all the other blogs that great opportunities are happening all over…just promise yourself you’ll give yourself the chance to go. the CIE wants to help you, and they will help you do it. but it’s up to you to start.


One thought on “twenty days in:

  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to leave a comment and say that you have a great blog. I’m thinking of studying abroad in England next year, and your stories have gotten me really excited about it. So much so that I’ve decided to go to the CIE meeting in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I know it’s always nice to know you’re not writing to no one, so I thought I’d let you know that I’m someone and you’re great. Thanks for the push!

    Also, you should join that Harry Potter and gin club. That sounds awesome.
    Keep it up! :)

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