Quick Layover in Frankfurt

Well I was at John F. Kennedy airport where I was waiting for the one item that I was actually extremely excited for, flying on the largest airplane in the world and on the world’s best airline! It was Singapore Airlines flight 25 on the Airbus A380 from New York to Frankfurt that I was about to take! The A380 is the only complete double decker aircraft in the world and it was first flown by Singapore Airlines back in 2008. It is considered the most luxurious aircraft in the world, especially by when flown by Singapore Airlines. It was an incredibly smooth 6.5 hour flight over to Frankfurt on the surprisingly silent A380. I have never flown on an aircraft that you could barely tell was taking off because of how quiet the interior was! However funny story was when we were about half way through the flight somewhere above the atlantic ocean when everyone was sleeping I decided to go exploring through the massive aircraft. I walked to the front of the lower deck and saw the A380 suites on Singapore Airlines which were incredible and then went to the upper deck where I saw the business class as well. However I was standing on the upper deck when I started chatting with one of the stewardess’s who asked me where I was going and what I was doing. Well one thing led to another and we continued to chat about Hong Kong and Barcelona and then she asked me if I had ever tried the called the Singapore Sling. I responded with ‘No’ and she hurried away and brought me one back. Well I can honestly say that at 40,000 feet, that drink tasted incredible! And after chit chatting for a while and many more Singapore Slings, I really was having a great time on the upper deck of the A380! Unfortunately we hit some bumps and I had to return back to my seat after a great little experience!

Then I got to Frankfurt and 10:00AM and had 5 hours to burn before the Barcelona flight. So it was Schnitzel and a Beer (das Schnitzel und ein Bier) and then I was off to the remarkable Frankfurt airplane viewing deck with a great view over the Apron and the main parallel runways!

After watching airplane after airplane and litterally being in heaven, I jumped on Lufthansa 1014 A321 en route to Barcelona. It was a quick 2 hour flight over the snowy Swiss Alps and over the Mediterranean and we were in the incredible city of Barcelona!

Home Sweet Home in Connecticut!

Well it was Westport Connecticut where I was lucky enough to call home sweet home at Jack and Max’s place! They welcomed me in to there incredible home where there mom Joan and Mark lived during the summer time. Our first night was a pool party with everyone where we had the strongest Martini’s made my Señor Jack and a great Bocci ball tourney where Eva and I killed Segi and Pascale! But after a great dinner, Beer Pong where the booze bags Caitlin and Jack killed everyone, and a quick Fifa game it was off to bed for the big New York visit the next day!

The Big Apple

Well after landing at La Guardia and not picking up my lost bags I was greeted by my best friend from Toronto Caitlin who had flown in just the day before! We walked out into the blazing hot NYC sun and met Jack in his sporty little Mini who was driving us both back to Westport for the pool party that evening!

Westport stories to follow under the Westport Entry.

We woke up the next morning and jumped on the commuter train heading from Westport straight to Grand Central Station in New York City. After the 1 hour train ride we stepped out into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple! We then walked to Washington Square where Max showed us around his campus at New York University. It was a great campus with lots of energy during the Frosh Week.

Then after a quick lunch we were off sight seeing! We walked east bound through the Tribeca neighbourhood, around Bleaker Street (famous for it’s musical past) down along the Hudson River Boardwalk all the way to Ground Zero. There in the middle of the financial district we could feel the chills of what had happened there so long ago. But that was quickly wiped away as the loud construction sounds of the future 7 World Trade Centers were under way. We then worked are way up through China Town and Little Italy where we had dinner and finished off with the incredible views of Times Square at night.

The last day was spent in New York City as well cruising along High Line, an elevated abandoned railway track that was converted into a walkway, and a snack and chill session in Central Park, finishing lastly with a coffee near Jack’s apartment in Brooklyn!

The Quick Connection at YYZ

Well arrived at 08:00 into YYZ after getting a quick two hours night rest. However because the flight was so late I had to move quickly to get to my connecting flight to La Guardia in New York City. However after waiting for over an hour at the baggage claim before the US Customs I realized that my bags hadn’t made it! There was only one flight leaving Calgary at that time and they still didn’t make it! Anyways they told me they would be on the next flight to Toronto and then on the next flight to La Guardia as well. After a quick 1 hour flight to New York are plane did an incredible approach over Manhattan as we circled the city to land at New York’s smaller and chaotic La Guardia airport.

Hello world!

I am a university student, who is studying at the University of Toronto Neuroscience and French literature. I am currently doing a student exchange program at the University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles) for 1 year and I am sharing my experience with you :)